measure twice, cut once

measure twice, cut once
Widely associated with carpentry. A similar sentiment is think twice, cut once.

1901 Manitoba Morning Free Press 15 Nov. 7 (advertisement) ‘Measure twice, cut but once.’ Experiment till you find the uniformly good make of shoe—the shape, size and width you need. Then stick to it—don’t speculate.

1964 Cedar Rapids Gazette, 29 Mar. 20E Accurate measurements are the backbone of good construction. There’s an old saying among carpenters that if you measure twice, you will have to cut only once.

1992 Independent 22 Oct. 14 Ross Perot said the key to reducing the deficit will be to measure twice and cut once. Boy, too bad his barber didn’t follow that advice.

2000 Houston Chronicle 10 Aug. 29 ‘My dad always taught me: “Measure twice, cut once,”... Someone forgot to measure twice here.’

2005 posting on 16 Mar. This law of mine comes down to the old advice of ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once.’ It’s a hard rule to remember, when you’ve got a box of saws and the wood is just sitting there, daring you to have at it.

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